Truck Accident Lawyer in Colombo – What to Do When You Are in a Truck Accident

“I recently received a call from a local truck accident lawyer in Colombo, Virginia. The caller was quite upset and described how his client had suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence. The truck accident lawyer in Colombo advised me not to contact that particular truck accident lawyer again because he was not getting the cooperation he needed from the insurance adjuster. I asked why this seemingly good client was being so treated when he had given me the contact information of three other reputable truck accident Colombo Law firms in the area.

“I need to talk with someone about this before I leave the office,” I advised. “Why do you think that they are not talking to you? You’ve given them your business information and all of the other information that I have requested. Why are you still getting no answers?” the truck accident lawyer in Colombo sounded annoyed as he replied, “because I am not getting the cooperation that I need from the insurance company.” I could hardly believe what I heard and felt as if this accident lawyer had no compassion on my behalf whatsoever.

The next day, I went back to the attorney’s office to talk to him about this conversation. He told me that the previous firm had done everything they possibly could to communicate with them and that they felt that they were doing everything possible to help the truck accident victim. He said that he had talked with the truck accident lawyer in Colombo and had told him that his client did not want a settlement that would leave him in a worse financial situation than what he was in when the accident happened.

When I asked why he had given the truck accident lawyer in Colombo such poor advice, he told me that it was not his responsibility. I then asked if he knew anything about truck accident law or did he have any references that could be used as references. Again, he told me that he did not and wanted to talk with someone else. After some more discussion, I informed him that I would be willing to give him all of the information that he needed and asked what his options were going to be to get the best results. Again, he said that he could not give me any advice because it was not his responsibility.

I ended our conversation by telling him that I would like to at least get an answer to one of the questions that he had posed to me. I asked what his recommendations would be for me to accomplish this. Again, he told me that he could not give me any advice and that I should contact a truck accident lawyer in Colombo. I told him that I would do just that. However, I also made it clear that I had been in an auto accident recently and needed someone who understood how the system worked.

About an hour later, the representative from the semi truck accident lawyers in Colombo called me and explained to me that it would cost me twenty thousand dollars to file a personal injury claim. I asked him what he intended to do and if there was anything that I could do to save money. Again, he told me that he could not give me any suggestions or tips because it was not his responsibility. He ended the call by saying that he would be in touch. I was extremely frustrated and my mind began to wander. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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